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A typical tuning call includes minor repair, adjustments, and voicing at no additional charge. Basic inspection and consultation are also part of what we provide. Artistic Piano firmly believes in tuning to the proper pitch of A440, as this level of tension is what the instrument was engineered for and thus benefits the piano. Playing a piano tuned to standard international pitch also aids perception of relative pitch and ear training, and thus benefits the player. It is our belief that a standard tuning should be extremely thorough and produce superior stability even if it takes a little bit longer. A typical tuning service usually lasts one and a half to two hours.

Regulation / Voicing

Artistic Piano has a well earned reputation for excellence in concert level regulation and voicing procedures. Make sure your piano performs and sounds it's very best! See our FAQ page and About Us for more information.


From that annoying squeak in your pedal all the way to a complete restoration, Artistic Piano provides expert service to ensure that it gets done right the first time. Our reputation depends on it!

Rebuilding / Refinishing

Artistic Piano collaborates with a thriving network of nationally known and highly respected professionals in all areas of piano restoration. These businesses are highly specialized in their specific fields, whether it be restoration of ivory keys, replacement of pinblocks, soundboards and bridges or highly skilled refinishing work. This ensures that the work done on your piano will always be performed by a highly skilled craftsman who specializes in that particular process. These relationships are forged through many years of attendance at the Piano Technicians Guild's national convention and technical institute. In most cases the businesses we subcontract work to are the actual lecturers at the national technical institute!

Event Rental

Artistic Piano is well equipped to provide you with a top notch upright or grand piano for any occasion. We have provided rental pianos to Britt Festivals, Oregon Music Teachers Association piano recitals, and social events such as parties and ceremonies. A beautiful high quality piano that has been freshly delivered and tuned makes all the difference!

Dampp-Chaser piano climate control system installation

The best investment you can make to protect your piano's state of preservation. Make sure your piano is in mint condition when you leave it to your children. See our FAQ page for more information.

Rent to Own

Not sure your son or daughter is going to stick with piano lessons? You can be sure that they will not if you purchase that old junker for them. Artistic Piano can provide you with a high quality new or used piano which can be eventually purchased or traded in for credit towards a better piano. Call us for more details or to view our rental contract.

Consultation / Appraisals

Artistic Piano can provide purchase consultation and evaluation. Make sure you have that used piano that you are about to purchase thoroughly inspected and evaluated ! What type of condition is it in ? Is this a fair price? Appraisals for home owner's insurance is also offered. Make sure you get replacement value!


Artistic Piano has a wide range of accessories for your piano. From a selection of benches to a custom made cover for your high end grand piano, we provide the highest quality at reasonable prices. Lamps, metronomes, caster cups, cleaning products, bench covers, locks... we have it all.